10 Second Pep Talks

Pot Noodle, the number one selling noodle cup brand in the U.K., rebranded themselves to millennials around the motivational message of “You Can Make It.” To raise awareness around an activation where Pot Noodle gave away free phone chargers, we wanted to literally interrupt users Snapchat streams with motivation.

In each spot, characters representing different authority, mentor, and motivational figures deliver comedic, quick, and high energy pep talks to the viewers. Inspired by the cheekiness of Pot Noodles other advertising, we also wanted to double down on self-awareness and relished in the idea that these characters knew they were speaking to people from inside their phones. Each character holds a Pot Noodle so it’s clear where they’re getting their remarkable amounts of energy.

This campaign was one of several done by BuzzFeed and creative directed by me that were among the first ads ever run on Snapchat. Working with their team to define the parameters for branded content was an exciting and challenging venture, the learnings from which became the playbook for BuzzFeed’s incredibly successful Snapchat Discover advertising partnership.