Can One Person Actually Make A Difference?

Walgreens wanted to raise awareness of Red Nose Day in the United States and promote themselves as its exclusive retailer. To accomplish this, we built on the tradition of irreverently narrated informational videos that are hugely successful on BuzzFeed and investigated whether or not one person can actually make a difference.

Keeping the product front and center, we used red noses to represent donations, effortlessly transitioning between education (with actual facts) and entertainment.

The tone of this video is clever, funny, honest, and slightly irreverent. We go right to the heart of our audience’s innermost thoughts: They don’t have a ton of time or money, but they want to help. They just need a little nudge to understand how a small donation can go a long way. Relatable beats keep it close to home (running out of shampoo sends our hypothetical protagonist to Walgreens). Ultimately, it’s inspirational, empowering our audience to get out and do good with the knowledge that they’re encouraging others to contribute, too.

Though it only recently was released, comments on this video are already proof it’s making a difference. Viewers have said things like, “strangely enough… I now want to donate,” and, “Watching this video made me wanna donate tbh”