LEGO Juniors + BuzzFeed

Getting to direct a video for LEGO was a dream come true. The video features 4 and 5-year-olds breaking down what it means to be an adult with precocious quips, candid assumptions, and adorably incorrect descriptions only a kid could come up with. Macro shots of their tiny hands play-acting with the LEGO Juniors sets provide visual variation while also putting the product front-and-center.

The goal was to evoke the emotions of playing with LEGO: excitement, pure joy, creativity, and fun. While I truly geeked out over having access to the LEGO style guide, making the kids comfortable on set was my number one priority. To do this, I had as much of our crew as possible clear the stage before kids came in, and had code phrases with my AD and camera crew so that the kids didn’t really know when we were rolling or cutting. I developed a rapport with each child before shooting so that we could goof around with each other on set.

This was my favorite video in a two-part series. Each video spearheaded a BuzzFeed campaign backed up by social extensions, GIFS, and stills that drove purchase intent with “shop now” buttons for Instagram.

The password for the social extension videos is LEGO.

Create your world. Start building:

Posted by BuzzFeed Parents on Monday, October 23, 2017

What will you build together? Start building:

Posted by BuzzFeed Parents on Monday, October 30, 2017