Things You Understand If You’re From Chicago

BuzzFeed is known for its spot on identity-based content with videos and listicles that give audiences a rallying point for hometown pride. So, when regional Safeway brand Jewel-Osco came to us looking to remind Chicagoland residents that they’ve been locals since 1899, it was a natural choice to build a Chicago-specific video around them.

For authenticity, we consulted native Chicagoans to make sure all our beats rang true and even hired a local crew to be our eyes and ears on the ground. The video was purposefully shot low-fi with the goal of creating something that felt like it was made by a few friends as a love letter to their hometown.

Throughout the video, Jewel-Osco is integrated organically in both featured and supporting moments inextricably linking the Jewel-Osco brand to the definition of Chicago.

Things You Understand If You're From ChicagoThis is why we love Chicago! Jewel-Osco, a local favorite since 1899.

Posted by BuzzFeed Partner on Monday, October 16, 2017