We Let Google Make Our Decisions For A Day

In the age of Google, the answers to everything are at our fingertips. But how much do people really know about seemingly familiar topics when they’re put on the spot?

In this candid man-on-the-street investigatory series, BuzzFeed’s Keith Habersberger seeks unsuspecting individuals at different locations around Los Angeles. Armed with his cell phone and the Google Search App, Keith takes people on a day long adventure to explore local gems, entertainment, and sports.

As a member of the popular Try Guys, Keith is a funny, relatable everyman and is one of BuzzFeed’s most beloved and recognizable faces. With his adventurous spirit and relatable humor, he is the perfect host for this spontaneous game of trivia.

Within each video, we include shots of the searches being performed in the Google Search App and display the conveniently laid out results that come up on the device. The videos also feature the Google Search App logo on the title card and on an end card with a custom call to action that highlights the unique function that is the focus of that episode in the series.